Tuesday, January 12, 2010

നാസര്‍ പൂലമന്ന

Name:- A. Naser Poolamanna
Father name:- Ibraheem Haji (late)
Marital status:- Married
Kids:- 3 (2 girls, 1 boy)
Spouse:- Semeera
Nationality:- Indian
Profession:- Document Control Specialist – Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Current professional status:- Working for Xenel Group Co. for their new Container Terminal – Red Sea Gateway Terminal ( RSGT) Project
Siblings:- 2 brothers
I am addict of:- Zest of Learning My Religion, Learning new Horizon, internet, Help to poor and innocents & exploration in life.
I am proud:- of my roots
I am sensitive:- for my existence.
Hobbies & interests:- internet browsing, social work, friends & family Playing chat, chess, T.T . Volley Ball etc.
I was:- a deprived child
I am:- a positive approached person.
I will:- certainly better than today Depend HIS faith not our wish.
Describing my self:- sensitive, afflicted, lively, jolly, smiley, blushed, modest, aggressive, brave, caring, sharing, talkative, moody, friendly, loving, intelligent, acquiring, confident, busy bug, responsible, polite, professional, adventurous, sporty, buoyant, simple, committed, hard worker, helpful specially for POOR , trustworthy, revenge able for cruel, liberal up to my own conditions & boarders.
My favorite phrase:- "True to your work, word & friend"
Philosophy about life:- "It's my life". No mortal has a right to control it .As I have only one chance to live so, I don’t allow anybody to live my life. Avail your life & live it with success & happiness .It does not matter how long you live, but more important is that how you live? If you live happy, you will die gladly. Live & let live others. It's really indecent to interfere on other's life. Be mature, descent, practical & serious about life's theory. Have a decent fun in life so you will control your boredom but, with sense that life is not fun!
Worked in:- all aspects of 21 firms along in India and abroad.
I appreciate:- the positive criticism.
I don’t care:- the rumors about me. In fact, I like to be a part of rumors as it assures me that I am important for others. I am realistic & bold enough rather than to be a confused & perplexed. I am a difficult target for my bad wishers & usually my enemies become my friends later on. Because I believe to love & friendly with others.
I practice:- on the rule that do good have good. Do well with others & forget. Ask compensation from God. But, if you will expect from the human beings, you will be sorry & regretful. The good & pure will all endure. If you are a successful person, be ready for the jealous & evil people, who would ready to hurt you in all way of life. It's very important to be strong along with successes.
I have a soft corner:- Innocent, Poor people, women & children & orphan.
Some times I think: I should be a boy.
Love to:- Make happy nears and dears also my wife, kids, Family, Friends and Neighbors.
Best day in my life:- When happy remember God and thanks him.
I miss:- my days when I was 18. My memory clock gets stuck on that era along with the people related to that epoch. Also I miss my school & collage period. Days gone never come but it's nice to think about them when alone.
I don’t forget:- my momentous reality. It's important to remember our reality & past life. As it protects our humbleness. I don’t agree with those people who want to escape their past's low life realities due to lack of confidence. I never want to forget that I was a poor child of couple, who devoted his/her life for her 7 children. He/she are the best & one of the most brave father/mother of the world. I am proud of my Father and Mother. He/she sacrifices are my basic inspiration of whatever I am doing in my life now.
The mission in my life:- is to educate & prove myself & to bring up my family in a best way.
I always:- learn, improve & groom myself.
My favorite color:- Violet, maroon, Pink & some times white.
I remember:- my Teachers, old schools, old friends & collage.
I can speak:- Malayalam, English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil &Arabic.
My favorite language:- Malayalam, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, English.
I hate:- Proud, jealous, liar, Corruption, Cheating & hypocrite people.
I satisfy:- when I see that my family is satisfied.
I cry:- when I see a human with tears. I try to investigate it and try to solve, as much I can
My support:- is my confidence.
I like to share:- with my wife & Kids and friends.
The best relation in the world:- a loyal friendship.
Friendship in my view:- very precious because friends are the people to whom we choose by our own choice. So they make our life colorful & wonderful.
I worried:- New Generation faith
I feel sorry:- that I cannot give time to my friends.
My weakness:- is my temper but I've learnt to control or handle it.
I dress up:- always in a good way, because I want to feel good.
I feel thankful:- for my God & Helped hands.
I get impressed:- with positive attitudes, intellectuals & educated people.
Money:- Not caring much BUT giving value Money is need but in good way, not addict to earn corrupted (wrong) way.
Beauty:- of mind is more important in my view.
I don’t like to deal with:- Impolite, Proud, careless, liars & wicked people.
I become sad:- if I make sad to anybody asking pardon.
My favorite scene:- Natural Flowers, Natural Scenes, watching sunset in the sea, a green valley& flower's garden.
I forgive:- when someone asks for sorry.
I say sorry:- immediately & without hesitation, when I realize that it's my mistake.
People take benefit:- of my soft heart.
I wish:- everybody should take interest to educate him/her self along with the good behaviors & positive attitude.
I hate man:- when he tries to be cruel with human.
I hate woman:- when she tries to be cruel with Human and kids.
Respect:- I respect myself.
Love:- is nothing if there is no respect. It's real personal feeling which should not be interfered & shared by others. It's unforgettable & passionate devotion. Its influence is deep & remains, possession doesn't matter. It brings in the condition of helplessness. Respect it, don’t abuse it!
My philosophy of love:- if you love somebody, love humankind whether Rich or Poor !
We should care:- our promises.
I learn:- from other's experiences. Adopt in life good advises
I don’t like to be friend of:- the people with ill attitude, proud & sick mentality. I just hate them.
I condemn the career oriented men:- when they neglect their wife & kids for their career, and not thankful of their wives for their co operations. We cannot succeed without our wives in this society. So care your wife’s more than yourself.
I hate this habit:- Teasing others, back biting, jealousy & swindling in friendship.
I've sympathy:- for the Ladies & Men who couldn't achieve in life & became resentful for other successful man & women. I curiously like to guide them.
My view about today's successful Man in all aspects:- He/She should be a responsible Father/wife & mother in home & professional attitude at work. He or She should know how to balance everything according to his or her life style & circumstances. If He/she is intelligent & capable, he/she can definitely manage.
Reach to the skies of success but remember that your final home is in earth under the mud! Keep up in mind… Thanks

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